Nieuws van ECB-S over brandwerendheid kluizen

“Fire-tested" isn't saying much …

Be careful with fire-resistant safes – Often only components are tested – System test is crucial

The promising “fire-tested” declaration on a safe or a data cabinet is often misleading. Because it doesn`t say anything about the actual heat protection. Some manufacturers only use single fire-tested components, like wall panels or the door. The rest is not fire-tested – and, as a consequence, everything that is in it is left exposed to fire and heat without protection.

Misleading designation

Allegedly fire-resistant safes of which only one or several components are fire-tested are sham packages. By no means comparable to safes certified according to the fire resistance standards EN 1047-1 or EN 15659 for secure storage units. Because only these products are subjected to a system test which checks all components. This piece of advice is given by European Certification Body (ECB) GmbH, a neutral certification body which grants certifications for fire-resistant secure storage units.

Fire test of the complete system

“The standards EN 1047-1 and EN 15659 deliberately require a fire resistance test of the complete system – not only of wall panels. Just as nobody would board a plane of which only the landing gears have been tested,” stresses Falko Adomat from ECB. “At the end of the day, it`s the total product that is crucial – referring to single tested components is window dressing.”

A reliable security seal: The blue ECB·S certification mark

Some manufacturers assemble, e.g., components of safes tested according to the British standard BS 476-20 or the German standard DIN 4102. Both guidelines only cover elements of construction or building materials – the latter alone cannot make a safe “fire-proof”. Therefore, the users should entrust their data and important documents only to certified products. A reliable security seal is the blue ECB·S certification mark.

Background ECB

European Certification Body (ECB) GmbH is a neutral certification body according to EN 45011. It issues the ECB·S certification mark which guarantees maximum security properties according to European standards. The present number of valid ECB·S certificates in the global security market is approx. 1100 – for burglary resistance products, fire resistance products, burglar resistant doors and high security locks. ECB is supported by ESSA – The International Security Association .

​​​​​​​Bron: ECB-S pressrelease October 2013