ESSA, de internationale vereniging op het gebied van security is dit jaar samenwerkingspartner op de CeBIT. CeBIT, ‘s werelds grootste IT-beurs, vindt plaats van 16 tot en met 20 maart 2015 in Hannover (Duitsland). Belangrijkste focus van ESSA zal zijn de brandbescherming voor gegevensopslag.

Lees het gehele persbericht:

February, 2015. ESSA, the leading association of the security industry, is a cooperation partner this year at CeBIT. CeBIT, the world’s largest IT trade fair, will take place from 16 to 20 March, 2015 in Hanover (Germany). ESSA’s main focus will be fire protection of data rooms.

Today, data storage is an integral component of companies. Viruses, Trojans or hacker attacks are usually the center of attention. However, the danger goes far beyond this. “Physical events such as fire, burglary and technical defects are just as dangerous”, says Dr. Markus Heering, Managing Director at ESSA. Security and resistance of IT in server rooms and data centers are, according to Heering, “the precondition of continuity of the business”.

Physical data protection in focus

Therefore this year ESSA concentrates extensively on this topic as a cooperation partner of the “Clusters DatacenterDynamics at CeBIT”, which brings physical data protection, among other issues, into focus at the exhibition. Topics such as fire protection, locking technologies and access control systems will not only be exhibited at the booth, but also mentioned during the conference presentation “Critical Environment”. During this event experts will explain how data centers can be professionally managed in terms of performance, efficiency and security. ESSA will be part of this event, also offering lectures.

ESSA points out that for fire protection of data rooms and hardware-systems, ECB•S-certified data rooms according to EN 1047-2 should be applied. At the exhibition, a unique knowledge exchange with planning engineers will also take place. These engineers design the location and function of the IT rooms and compile the specifications sheet.

System test

The fire protection of ECB•S data rooms with the label “R 60 D” is tested with a continuous flame for 60 minutes. Additionally, specific shock tests of some sections of the walls in the data rooms are compulsory. The brick partition is tested with a 200-kilogram lead-filled bag. This is how the falling of construction parts during a fire can be simulated.

Unlike some weaker certifications, the ECB•S certified data rooms are tested entirely and not only a part of it. This is a so-called system test, which helps to simulate the fire realistically.

For this and other topics, you will find ESSA at CeBIT on 16 to 20 March 2015 in HALL 12, booth B08.

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